Welcome to Tandem Eyewear!

Installing your eyewear

   Your brand new Tandem Eyewear container is fresh and unopened. You’ve already removed the lid revealing a scannable QR code that led you here! Keeping reading below for nine easy steps to install your Tandem Eyewear!

   Your Tandems are a prototype under development! We appreciate your time and patience in providing the valuable feedback that allows us to iterate and improve our designs!

1.  Understanding the contents

Pealing away the metal tab reveals the components of your Tandem Eyewear:

(1) Sunglass lenses

(2) Pealed-off container top

(3) QR code card to Installation page

(4) Double-sided stickies

(5) Left and right nosepieces

(6) Left and right lens magnets

(7) Empty container tin

(8) Flexible container lid

2.  Determine left & right magnets

   Let’s take a moment to understand the magnets and nosepieces. There are four magnetic components in all: two nosepieces (5A, 5B) and two lens magnets (6A, 6B).

   5A and 5B represent the left and right nosepieces. How can you tell which is which? Simple! Place them on the table in front of you with the magnets facing away from you. Now, organize them so that the “arms” of each nosepiece are on the inside corners as shown. In this layout, the left nosepiece is on the left side, and the right nosepiece is on the right side!

   The lens magnets are easier. The left lens magnet has an “L” label, and the right lens magnet has an “R” label!

3.  Align the magnets

   Next, align the left lens magnet to the left nosepiece and the right lens magnet to the right nosepiece. The magnets only go on one way — if the magnets are properly aligned, they will line up together with very little offset!

   If the magnets are offset, simply rotate the smaller magnet to match the orientation of the nosepiece magnet!

4.  Isolate the left lens and nosepiece

  This step is critical because we need the right nosepiece to be attached to the right lens, and the left nosepiece attached to the left lens! In the accompanying image, the left lens and nosepiece are outlined in red, and the right lens and nosepiece are outlined in blue.

   Pro Tip: The left lens has a sticker that reads “UV 400.”

5.  Join the left lens and nosepiece

   Peel the cover paper off the top magnet of the left nosepiece to expose the white sticky portion. This portion will stick to the inner corner of the inside of the left lens.

   With the left lens still resting face down on the tabletop, apply the sticky white portion of the magnet near the inner edge of the left lens as shown. When doing so, think about the angle the nosepiece and lens make together, to ensure they will sit properly once placed.

Pro Tip: If you place it lightly on the lens, you can easily move it again you need to!

6.  Check your work!

    With the left nosepiece and left lens joined, hold them up to your face in front of a mirror. While doing so, check that (1) the lens sits normally in front of your left eye, and (2) the base of the left nosepiece is resting flatly against your nose.

   This step is important, since we will be repeating steps 4 and 5 for the right lens and right nosepiece. The longer the sticky portion of the top magnet stays on the lens, the stronger the bond becomes — but a lightly placed magnet in step 5 will allow the lens magnet to be easily moved.

7.  Repeat steps 4 through 6  (right lens)

   Apply steps 4, 5, and 6 to the right lens and the right nosepiece. Make sure to check your work, this time using each piece: left lens, left nosepiece, right lens, and right nosepiece!

   Once you are satisfied with the position of the left and right lenses, press the magnets a bit more firmly onto the back of the lens. This will help stabilize the components in Step 8.

8.  Peel transparent cover off left nosepiece

   Gripping the left nosepiece in one hand and the left lens in the other, slide them apart. This is easiest done when you slide along the length of the magnets!

   Holding the left nosepiece, identify the white double-sided adhesive layer on the base of the nosepiece. To protect the adhesive, the tape is covered with a transparent cover. Patiently peel the transparent cover off the double-sided adhesive layer to expose the sticky backing on the left nosepiece.

9.  Apply the nosepieces

   With the adhesive layer exposed, hold the left lens over your left eye and press the adhesive layer firmly onto your skin (it’s best if you look into a mirror while doing so). Then, slide the sunglass lens down — this will separate the left lens from the left nosepiece, and you can press the nosepiece on harder if you’d like!

   Repeat these steps for the right nosepiece. Once both nosepieces are in place, you can reattach the lenses by simply bringing them close to the nosepieces and letting the magnets do the rest!


– One benefit of Tandem Eyewear is that one pair of nosepieces can accommodate multiple lenses.

– If the adhesive layers stop sticking to our skin, simple swap out the adhesive tapes with the extras provided.

– Storage is simplified: the lenses are magnetically attracted to each other and easier to store, just like the nosepieces!

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